About Me

I started this journey as a 12-year-old dreaming of worlds full of magic, honor, intrigue, and adventure.

I’ve loved stories for as long as I can remember. As a boy my grandma often told me stories as I drifted to sleep; tales of her adventures growing up on the South Dakota prairie, or of faerie queens and questing knights, and everything in between. Those stories shaped the way I saw the world and understood my place in it. Eventually, I realized that I wanted to spin stories that would be just as important for someone else someday.

Pursuing that dream lead me to develop the fundamentals of skillful writing, both on my own and by learning from some of the most well-regarded professionals in their spheres at the Masters in Creative Writing program at Oxford University.

I published Fire In The Dawn in May of 2017, and am the co-author of the Stetson Jeff Stetson action comedy series which you can find here at Cha’am Cowboys.


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